Hi! My name is Kasper

...and I build things for the internet


Product owner @ Siteimprove
February 2018 – Current

Product owner of Alfa, the open source accessibility conformance testing engine from Siteimprove. I lead the research and development of the next generation of accessibility tools and help bring standardisation to the industry through the W3C.

Developer @ Siteimprove
November 2015 – January 2018

Software developer working on the Accessibility product from Siteimprove. I develop tools for performing reliable accessibility conformance testing of the WCAG. I also had a brief stint with the Core team developing the Siteimprove UI component library.

Consultant @ Funktionél
September 2014 – Current

Funktionél is my software development consultancy offering services primarily in web development. We develop functional solutions for individuals as well as small to medium sized businesses. I primarily use Funktionél as a means of supporting my work in open source.

Developer @ Vanilla Forums
October 2012 – July 2014

User Interface design, prototyping and implementation. I help bring Vanilla Forums to the next level through enjoyable and performant front-ends. My work includes themes for clients such as The Elder Scrolls Online, AgileBits, Rumble Entertainment, and many more.


Developing Accessible Pattern Libraries @ CSUN
March 2018

During the development of Siteimprove UI, our internal library of reusable UI components in use at Siteimprove, we identified some common pieces of functionality and design patterns that are now used throughout the library. This presentation gives a short introduction to and walkthrough of some of the things we found most useful.

Coding for Accessibility @ Codher
November 2017

While it might come off as difficult, and certainly sometimes can be, coding for accessibility essentially boils down to two rather simple things: Mindset and semantics. This presentation gives a brief introduction to these two concepts and provides some practical advice on turning inaccessible UI accessible.

An introduction to Terraform @ Siteimprove
February 2017

Terraform makes it easy to configure and provision cloud resources across a large number of providers and brings with it both collaborative ascepts, reproducibility, and predictability. This presentation gives a short introduction to Terraform, its benefits, and why you should most likely be using it.

Leveling up CSS @ Siteimprove
November 2016

Writing, scaling, and maintaining plain CSS codebases used to be a pain and pre-processors came along to save the day. Things are however moving fast and CSS is catching up with the pre-processors and is becoming increasingly expressive. This presentation introduces some of the new specifications in CSS and makes an argument against the pre-processors of today.

Workflows for the Modern Web @ js-montreal
May 2014

Writing JavaScript applications for the browser is often a chaotic and fragmented experience. With a vast selection of technology at our disposal, bringing it all together is often time consuming and prone to error. This presentation introduces many of the tools used in modern front-end development for improving the overall development experience.


B.Sc. in Software Development @ IT University of Copenhagen
2014 - 2017

The three-year B.Sc. in Software Development teaches design and programming of software, but also communication, presentation and business. This combination of disciplines provides the qualifications for developing and designing IT solutions, as well as providing consultation for businesses and organisations on a given solution.